The Coaching Process

Here’s how the coaching process works. Usually we’ll start with a free Exploratory Session, which gives us the chance to meet each other, talk through objectives and expectations, choosing the method of coaching you need, and see if we click. It’s a no-obligation opportunity for you to get a taste of the difference it can make to have a coach.

If you decide to sign on, the coaching relationship begins by identifying your core values and dreams and desires, the changes you want to make and the goals you want to pursue. We’ll discover and clarify what your best life is, then create goals and action plans to make it happen.

Our coaching relationship will provide a consistent, affirming support structure that will keep you focused and on track. Along the way we’ll find plenty of chances to brainstorm, troubleshoot the obstacles and celebrate your wins. And we’ll have a lot of fun, too! We’ll build an authentic, energizing friendship where we can laugh together, share deeply, and converse with celebration about the future.

All coaching resources I use, will be supportive to the foundation I find for living life abundantly, found in God’s word.

For Women – What’s Included and What is the Cost?

In a typical coaching relationship, you will make a commitment to six-one hour (6-1hour) sessions by Skype or in person.   Free e-mail contact and short “spot calls” of five minutes or less between sessions are included, as needed. In our initial intake session we’ll design the details of the relationship based on your objectives and needs.

After that, you’ll choose the action steps you want to take each week.


For In-Home Services (Pre-Marital, Marriage or Parenting) – What’s Included and What is the Cost?






These both consist of nine-one hour (9-1 hour)  sessions predominantly in your home. The hours involved with each session will vary. They will include: Exploratory Session (free) Observation in the Home, Consultation, Education – 2 Sessions, Motivation & Practical Strategies – 2 Sessions, Implementation, Follow-up and Celebration.  Free spot calls and email between sessions included.

For Online Classes – What’s Included and What is the Cost?

This is six  sessions of online classes through my Life Coaching Website.  Topics to be continually added. Free spot calls and email between sessions included.

Charges available at time of consultation. I’ll send you an information packet and contract that includes these details. *Note: For All Coaching Services: Individual, In-Home and Classes will require a contract with all the specific details for your coaching. 

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