What My Clients Are Saying

Many I have worked with tell others about their experience with me as their coach. Some have written letters of thanks for the service that was offered by my coaching. Below are listed some testimonials from those who have been the recipients of these services.

Several years ago, early in my marriage, my husband had an affair. It devastated me. It began a pattern of some very destructive behavior on my part, as I tried to deal with the betrayal and pain. All of that resulted in a time of separation for us. I contacted Linda and she worked with me. She listened as I spilled out the pain and anger I had for what my husband had done to me and our family. In our times of conversation, she always pointed me to God’s word and the direction he has in there for just such a time. We talked about God’s design for marriage, about commitment, about love and forgiveness. It was hard, very hard, but in time I was able to work with my husband as he was repentant and I knew I needed to forgive him. Putting our lives back together took much commitment on both of our parts and was very difficult. But I am grateful for the work we did. I can say today, that we are happily married, with well adjusted and happy children and our whole family is in Christ, loving and serving him.

Anonymous, USA

I thank God for you, Linda, and the way He has used you in my life. It’s beautiful to see your speaking and sharing about yourself as a kind, loving, patient, understanding, and wise Christian woman. Even more, I always leave feeling joyful and restful because the advice you give doesn’t only come from what you know, but you always use God’s Word to help me understand what God expects of me and how He wants me to live my life. Thank you! I’ve learned so much about myself and God’s Word because you’ve allowed God to use you to help others. Today, I stand stronger in my relationship with God, my husband and our marriage, my family, my friends and in recognizing and accepting my faults because you have given me wise counsel. I’ve learned with every word you have spoken and every example you have given. Thank you for your wisdom, friendship and love. May God continue to use you in the lives of many!

Love, Candy

Candy Garcia, San Carlos, Coah., MX
Co-worker and friend

Linda, You are one of those people who have been a blessing my life. You are a great teacher and a wise woman who has shown me that the most important thing about a person is their relationship with God. I remember one time I asked you, “What should I do to learn more about God?” And I thought, “she is going to say what everyone says, ÿou have to pray”But instead, you started talking and talking. This is the example you shared with me: It’s like when you like a boy. You want to spend time alone with him where no one will bother you. You want to get to know him and everything about him. You want to ask him things, because you want to know it all. You went on to say, “That’s the same way we can get to know God. Take time alone with Him, know Him by reading His word, pray, and going to places in the middle of nature, if possible. “Be still” and see his creation, know He is God.” You’ve taught me that we have to strengthen our relationship with God on a daily basis. To stand firm in what we believe because the enemy hates us and is always looking to destroy our relationship with God. I thank God for you, Linda, because you taught me with wisdom and love. You are a blessing in the lives of many!!!

Rocio Loher, Guerrero, Coah., MX
Student of Wisdom Studies

Long before the job description Linda Berg has been my Life Coach, my friend, my sister in Christ. Her life experiences have given her insight that very few experience. She has always depended on God and His wisdom and I strongly believe He has honored her faithfulness & unwavering love in Him to open the doors of wisdom received only by Him. Linda is approachable & trustworthy; she believes in the confidence of others and respects them. Linda is a very compassionate, fierce friend & I am blessed to call her my friend. We have traveled many unpleasant roads together & shared my of life’s potholes. She is not a wild flower that blows in the wind, her honesty is straight forward and driven by God’s word. She is blessed with strong support and volumes of experiences, both her own and those she has walked along side with. God and His Word are her continual study. Her thirst for God’s best is only one of the many characteristics I love about her. Anyone privileged enough to have Linda in their lives is truly blessed.

Kim Anderson, RocKford, IL

Thanks to the wisdom and dedication to God, I’ve learned from Linda the importance of waiting on the Lord, how to take my life through the better road. Also, how a Christian woman should act and lots of other things. All thanks to her willingness to be used by the Lord to guide me. Thank you Linda for your love and worrying about others. Thanks to God for allowing me to meet you and every more for allowing me to learn from you.

Wendy Adame Torres, San Carlos, Coah., MX
Student of Wisdom Studies

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